White Label ATM Services
STATE ATM White Label ATM Services Ensure your White Label ATMs do not become another White Elephant   EPS has tied up with RiddiSiddhi Bullion Limited, a White Label ATM Operator authorised by the Reserve Bank of India for managing end-to-end deployment and management of White Label ATMs (WLA) under the brand name of STATE [...] MORE
ATM Outsourcing Services
End-to-End Outsourced ATM Services As an ATM Operations Head responsible for a widely-dispersed network of ATMs, do you struggle to keep pace with the fractious requirements set by competitive pressures, changing technologies, regulations, security guidelines and increasing customer expectations? Do you and your team burn the midnight oil to work out ways to lower Cost-to-Business [...] MORE
ATM Managed Services
Does your bank continue to face cost pressures, even after shifting from a CAPEX to an OPEX ATM deployment model? Are your ATM operations struggling to control their “run-the-business” budgets, simply to maintain current business capabilities? Are you troubled by the high correlation between faults – many entirely avoidable – and peak transaction volumes at [...] MORE