Enterprise Reconciliation and Exception Management
Enterprise Reconciliation and Exception Management Reconciled to using high-touch solutions for sorting tedious differences between systems? Do better. As the Head of Risk and Control, responsible for internal checks and reconciliation of Operations, Treasury, Capital Markets and Accounting at your bank, does your teams struggle with complexities and volume of transactions? Do your fragmented solutions [...] MORE
Enterprise Fraud and Risk Management
Enterprise Fraud and Risk Management As a Senior Vice President heading Risk Management, is the growing Customer card base of your bank making you strangely uneasy? While your colleagues cheer the increased penetration of credit and debit cards in smaller towns, do you feel uneasy as you ponder over the other numbers? With the increase [...] MORE
Aadhaar Data Vault Solution And Services
EPS Aadhaar Data Vault Solution Why Aadhar Data Vault? Considering the sensitivity of the Aadhar number and the potential implication of having one’s Aadhar number compromised, UIDAI circulated a notification in July 2018 which mandated the need for all Aadhar and Aadhar related data to be encrypted and stored separately in a secure, access-controlled data [...] MORE