UPI Switching Platform
Did you know a major chunk of digital transactions in India happen on UPI? Make use of EPS’ UPI switching capabilities and join in the UPI bandwagon. Empower your customers with the ability to make instant payments, using just the beneficiary’s cell phone number. Benefits Supports integration with banking applications like core banking system, ATM, [...] MORE
Payment Gateway
Are you in the process of setting up your organization’s web presence? Are you intimidated with the complexity that comes along with setting up your online store? Look no further than EPS’ end-to-end payment gateway and online transaction processing service. Empower your customers by making available multiple payment channels, while we worry about uptime and [...] MORE
Mobile Banking
Are you worried about losing ground to competitors that have better mobile banking capabilities? Make use of our enterprise application platform to increase customer engagement. Extend your services 24/7 on a simple, easy to deploy and use mobile application. Benefits THIRD PARTY PAYMENTSOffer a comprehensive solution of Bill Payments and Top-ups with flexible management for [...] MORE
Internet Banking

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IMPS Switching Platform
Are you looking to empower your customers with24/7, instant, interbank fund transfer capabilities? Look no further than EPS’ IMPS Switching platform, using which your customers can use mobile as a channel to make an electronic transaction over a secure layer. Some Key Features Supports financial transactions like P2P (using mobile and MMID), P2A (using account [...] MORE
Enterprise Reconciliation and Exception Management
Enterprise Reconciliation and Exception Management Reconciled to using high-touch solutions for sorting tedious differences between systems? Do better. As the Head of Risk and Control, responsible for internal checks and reconciliation of Operations, Treasury, Capital Markets and Accounting at your bank, does your teams struggle with complexities and volume of transactions? Do your fragmented solutions [...] MORE
Enterprise Fraud and Risk Management
Enterprise Fraud and Risk Management As a Senior Vice President heading Risk Management, is the growing Customer card base of your bank making you strangely uneasy? While your colleagues cheer the increased penetration of credit and debit cards in smaller towns, do you feel uneasy as you ponder over the other numbers? With the increase [...] MORE
EFT Switching Services
Switch to a secure, ‘never-fail’, integrated solution that enables seamless transactions anywhere Is your bank’s EFT Switching platform inadequate when it comes to covering the entire gamut of transactions across ATMs / POS / ECom (including VISA / Mastercard / Rupay)?  A high-performing EFT Switch is very crucial to a bank’s modernisation drive that covers [...] MORE
Card Management System
Does your bank’s Card Services Division grapple with finding and retaining customers for the card products and categories, so ambitiously launched over a year ago? As the Head of Card Issuance Services, do you wish for better focus on offering the right card products, rather than constantly battle fires raging at every stage of the [...] MORE
BBPS Switching Platform
As India makes the shift from cash to digital payments, are you worried about being left behind due to this changing tide? Capitalize on the fact that a large chunk of retail transactions comprises of bill payments. Make use of EPS’ BBPS Switching Platform and make implementation easy for your bank. We will ensure we [...] MORE