Noshir Colah

Noshir Colah – Operations Partner – Aavishkaar Venture Management Services Private Limited (AVMS)

EPS has demonstrated its ability to rapidly and effectively deploy, commission and implement the operations and management of ATM’s across Maharashtra, including the far-flung districts of Gadchiroli, Gondia and Nundanbar. As of the end of the financial year, the company had deployed the largest number of ATM’s in a single circle for the Ministry of Finance’s consolidated RFP. This would not have been possible without the unstinting efforts of the EPS team, headed by Mr. Chandrashekar, Manohar Bhoi, Prakash Joshi, Murali Bhavanarayan and Thyagarajan Sheshadri. The directors would like to place on record the services rendered by all employees of the company. Our continuing support for EPS is only a reflection of the confidence we have in the team. We believe that EPS can become a leading player in the payments space and will continue to offer our full support to reach this goal.